Fotona4D® Non-Invasive Laser Face Lift

Fotona4D® Non-Invasive Laser Face Lift

Fotona 4D®  Laser Facelift is a non-surgical procedure that addresses concerns of skin laxity, lines, wrinkles, volume loss and uneven skin tone & texture on the face.  Fotona 4D® enables full thickness contraction of collagen and stimulates new collagen production.

Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Lifts
  • Tightens
  • Plumps
  • Provides wrinkle reduction
  • Improves skin texture

Fotona 4D® uses 4 unique treatment “dimensions” which work together to combat facial aging with little or no downtime.


This mode is conducted in the oral cavity, targeting mucous membranes to stimulate collagen contraction and increase volume in the face.  The effects result in an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity as well as a plumping effect to the nasolabial folds from the inside, much like a filler.

This mode uses a fractional beam to target deeper layers of the epidermis to improve the skin’s texture by regenerating and producing healthier, newer skin cells for a more youthful appearance.

This mode uses longer laser pulses for controlled heating of the deeper subcutaneous tissues.  It is effective in tightening the skin of the face and neck.

This mode is the final step in the program and involves a skin polishing laser peel.  The laser peel reduces the surface imperfections like age spots, improve skin tone, minimises pore size and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

During your initial consultation, your practitioner will evaluate your areas of concern and develop an individualised treatment plan that can optimise your results.

No therapy can prevent ageing and wrinkles re-appearing over time, so repeated maintenance sessions should be considered to keep you skin looking youthful.

Clinical Results

*Photos are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee of results

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