Lift your brows with Ultherapy!

Lift your brows with Ultherapy!

As the skin matures, collagen fibres that provide internal support become worn. The brows are intrinsically connected to several key dynamic features in the forehead and eye area. It is an area of great muscular activity involving several key features, so it’s important to understand if a brow lift is indeed what you need.

As we age it’s only natural that the facial skin begins to lose elasticity and start to sag and the skin around the eyes is no different. The corners of the eyes may develop crow’s feet. The eyebrows may start to sag downwards due to excessive skin. Fatty tissue may also gather either above or below the eyes. Vertical frown lines may appear between the brows making us look ‘sad’ or overly serious. The forehead develops horizontal wrinkles and fine lines. If you have any of these issues, you may be an ideal candidate for a brow lift.


Ultherapy’s ultrasound energy reaches below the surface of your skin to initiate your body’s own natural repair process. Over time, this results in the creation of new, healthy, strong collagen and a variety of positive skin changes.

The Ultherapy brow lift works to lift the top eyelid using advanced and completely non-invasive ultrasound technology. This restorative technology smoothes forehead wrinkles while lifting and tightening sagging skin on the forehead and upper eyelids. This gently elevates and raises the top eyelid back into place in a completely natural and understated way.

Ultherapy offers patients a non-surgical option for lifting the brow as well as a way to lift without the use of needles or injections, for a more open, refreshed look to eyes.

Benefits of an Ultherapy Brow Lift

  • An Ultherapy Brow Lift treatment only takes approximately 15 minutes. There is absolutely no downtime with this treatment, which means you can step back into your day immediately!
  • Results will gradually appear about a month after treatment, ensuring your new look won’t surprise any friends and family
  • Unlike fillers that will dissolve, Ultherapy results last longer, sometimes up to 18 months.
  • Ultherapy treatment won’t break the bank

Certain patients will notice results right away, but it will generally a month after treatment to notice the full effect of the collagen stimulation. For those who aren’t yet ready for a surgical procedure such as a facelift or a brow lift, Ultherapy is a wonderful option to provide a subtle, gentle rejuvenation and freshening of your overall look.

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