Our Team

Our Team

Dr Amanda Sabel

“I qualified as a GP Obstetrican in Australia but also completed some surgical training in the UK including Plastic Surgery at Barts and the London NHS Trust. I love Aesthetics and Women’s Health. I offer all of the facial laser treatments, Women’s Health laser Treatments and Cosmetic Injectables. My absolute favourite treatments are the Fontona 4D laser facelift as it just works, and the IncontiLase.  Its so wonderful to see how much of a difference ÍncontiLase  makes to Stress Urinary Incontinence, and how much it improves ladies quality of life.”

Dr Clarissa Soh

‘I graduated from the University of Western Australia School of Medicine, and have always loved aesthetic medicine. I love working with my patients to address their concerns and choose the most appropriate treatments. The highlight of my work is seeing my patients gain self-confidence and satisfaction after seeing their results!’

Carla- Cosmetic Nurse Injector

“I have been a Registered Nurse for 22 years, working with a Cosmetic Surgeon for the last 8 years and well adept to facial aesthetics. I have had over 5 years experience in providing cosmetic injectables to improve asymmetry and give back confidence to my clients. I am warm, kind and will help my clients feel at ease.”

Jessica – Skin Therapist

“I have been a therapist in the beauty industry for 15 years. I also currently provide cosmetic eyebrow tatooing! I love to help people in their journey to improve their skin and make them feel great about themselves inside and out, with the right treatments.  That’s the rewarding part!”

Deidre – Receptionist

“I have been a Medical Receptionist/Secretary for too many years to mention!  We recently moved back from Melbourne after a two-year stint. Previously I was at Bunbury Women’s and Maternity Clinic and prior to that in Fertility, I am looking forward to still growing with New You and the girls and seeing some wonderful outcomes, big and small, to put amazing smiles on our client’s faces.”

Deanne – Receptionist

“I’ve previously worked at Plaza Medical in Kalgoorlie on reception and doing pre-employment medicals, most recently for Earbus WA screening infants hearing in SJOG. I love a good challenge, learning the behind the scenes administration and about the beauty industry has been exciting. Meeting our clientele and seeing them leave so refreshed and happy always makes your heart sing. I am lucky enough to work with inspiring women at all levels. I’m looking forward to seeing what this new direction has in store for me.”

Teresa – Skin Therapist






“I have been in the skin/beauty industry for 15 years and I have worked with Ultraceuticals as one of their Skin Experts for 8 years. I love to help people in their journey to improve their skin quality & skin health. The best part would be seeing a patients results unfold and the difference it makes in all aspects of their life. My favourite treatment at New You is the Ultraceuticals Performance Plus + skin treatments. The patient will noticeably see the results they deliver.”