LED Therapy

LED light therapy is a pain-free and non-invasive light therapy designed to soothe and treat your skin.

Person laying on her back undergoing LED therapy

Soothe, heal and revitalise your skin

LED light therapy is a self-healing process that can treat acne, pigmentation, and signs of aging by promoting the skin’s healing response, therefore stimulating collagen.

LED uses a light activation technique to increase skin rejuvenation and promote healing. We offer LED therapy as a 30-minute stand-alone treatment or a 15-minute add-on service. LED treats acne, inflammation, redness & bruising. It is collagen stimulating and also promotes wound healing. LED is a relaxing add-on service to your facial treatments.

Pain-free, soothing treatment for tired skin

Our LED light therapy is administered by qualified aestheticians and is designed to promote healing in the skin for a smoother, younger and clearer complexion.

Person laying on her back undergoing LED therapy

Need to know more?

What are the four types of LED light therapy?

Different types of LED light promote different healing properties in the skin.

Red light is used for anti-ageing and targets wrinkles. It boosts collagen production for overall healing.

Blue light seeks to eliminate acne by killing P. acnes, which is the acne-causing bacteria.

Yellow light boosts lymphatic circulation and helps to soothe and brighten sensitive skin, as well as help fast-track wound healing and bruising.

Green light aims to reduce dark circles, uneven tone, and pigmentation and redness.

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